Find Clinical Genetics Care

SPLAGen’s “Find Clinical Genetics Care” allows you to search for genetic providers (geneticists and genetic counselors) across the United States and Latin America. All providers listed provide clinical care in either Spanish and/or Portuguese. The directory contains the locations of genetic providers that have requested to be listed. Provided information on the directory is per report of the individuals listed, including but not limited to profession, areas of specialty, and language proficiency. SPLAGen does not endorse or warrant the quality of the services provided by these individuals or their institutions.

SPLAGen builds and maintains this provider listing. The information detailed above represents data collected on August 31, 2022. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, from time to time the status or contact information of a provider may change. Providers may request to have their information modified, added, or removed by emailing us This work was funded by the Texas Society of Genetic Counseling.