Latin American Professional Society of Genetic Counseling

We are a collaborative community of genetics professionals driven to expand awareness and access to genetic counseling services and improve the quality of life of Latin Americans. 

Our Mission
The Society’s mission is to promote awareness and access of genetics services and counseling in Latin America by fostering education, advocacy,  research, and public policy.
Our Goals
The goal of this society is to help connect genetics professionals interested in achieving the following goals: 
  • Education: Facilitate professional development and continuing education opportunities and help build frameworks for clinical and educational practice standards.
  • Advocacy: Expand genetic service awareness and access by identifying ways to increase resources available for patients and improve the recognition of all genetics professionals.
  • Networking: Build a collaborative environment to facilitate partnerships and support of genetics providers and students from different Latin American countries.
  • Research: Foster research collaborations and develop the infrastructure necessary to promote research that evaluates genetic services processes and outcomes in Latin America.
Our Team
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Our Projects

With the help of members of the Hispanic/Latinx group from the Minority Genetics Professional Network we have been able to complete the projects below.

Hispanic Heritage Month Member Highlights

For Hispanic Heritage month, we celebrated our rich culture by highlighting our Hispanic/Latino/a/x/e genetic professionals

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Patient Resources of Genetic Conditions in Spanish

List of websites that can be used to find patient resources for Spanish speaking patients

Latin American Geneticist and Genetic Counselor Directory

SPLAGen’s “Find Clinical Genetics Care” allows you to search for genetic providers (geneticists and genetic counselors) across the United States and Latin America.